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Peracetic acid

Quality:  ТУ 20.20.14-002-05134194-2017

Formula:  С2Н3С(О)ООН

HS Code:  29153990

CAS No:    79-21-0

UN No:     3109



Peracetic acid’s primary use in food processing and handling is as a sanitizer for food contact surfaces and as a disinfectant for fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs. PAA can also be used to disinfect recirculated flume water. Other uses of PAA include removing deposits, suppressing odor, and stripping biofilms from food contact surfaces. It is also used to modify food starch by mild oxidation and is used as a bleach

Technical Parameters

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid with a sharp specific odor.
Density (20 OC), gr/cm3 1.13 – 1.17
Mass fraction of peracetic acid, % 13 – 17
Mass fraction of hydrogen peroxide, % 16 – 20
Mass fraction of acetic acid, % 25 – 33

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